Here’s Looking at You, Morocco 

It’s such a cliché, but the heat in Marrakech can only be described as oppressive. It was 105*F (40*C) when I stepped off the plane, and it was quite the introduction to Morocco… My next interaction with the country fared little better. Getting lost in the medina is a right of passage, even for the local taxi drivers it seems, because mine could not seem … Continue reading Here’s Looking at You, Morocco 

A Brief Stop in Brussels 

With less than 48 hours to explore it, I expected Brussels to be a whirlwind of activity. What I forgot to account for was the 7 hour time difference and the overnight, trans-Atlantic flight from home. After stumbling off the plane, traipsing 20 minutes through the city center with my bulky bags, and waiting through a seemingly endless shift change at the hotel check-in desk … Continue reading A Brief Stop in Brussels 

City Guide: Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a big small town or a small big city, whichever way you prefer to think of it. It has all the amenities of a major metropolitan area without sacrificing any of the charm and friendliness of a much smaller town. Aside from the weather (I threaten to move away every time we get a snow storm) Minneapolis has everything you could possibly want–delicious … Continue reading City Guide: Minneapolis